Have you ever had a spray tan and felt like you were in a cloud of dust after it was finished?


Shade uses OSHA's chart for woodworking shop requirements (think wood dust and particles, much thicker than spray tanning solutions, which are water and aloe based) to find a above grade CFM for their ventilation systems. We use wood working as our barometer because there is no sunless ventilation research to use, and wood has a higher micron level, so it's being extra cautious.

You can see than the CFM for woodworking ranges but is mostly in the 800-900 CFM range, topping out around 1125.

CFM is the rate at which air flows in and out of a space.

When spray tanning, you want to have a high rate of air flow in order to not breathe in the solution. Inhalation is what the reports on the news and TV focus on when they speak of spray tan "dangers".

When you enter Shade's spray tanning rooms or van, you will see both an over spray machine and at least one extra air filtration system on the wall behind or beside that over spray system.

Shade's systems provide around 1350 CFM ( it’s usually higher).  The rooms are also larger than most other spray tanning facilities. NOSE FILTERS ARE PROVIDED FOR EVERY CLIENT.