Custom Spray Tanning

Always included: professional exhaust, clean towels and floors, disposable thongs, block cream (applied and removed by our techs for precise and natural tan lines on hands & wrists), prep toner to moisturize notoriously dry areas, a hairnet to protect hair, hair ties, nose filters,a jewelry cleaner for your use, welcoming attitudes, tan line fill ins, ridiculous jokes, and baggies for your jewelry so that bracelet doesn't fall into the abyss of your purse...we've got you covered.

Need a tan outside of our open hours?Late night on a Saturday or anytime On a Sunday? Last minute at 6:00am? 11:00pm? We offer "early and late" tanning in studio for a flat $100. Get in touch 610.757.8965- make sure to text or leave a voicemail.

Series of 3, 5, and 10 are available. Save 5%, 10%, and 15% per tan respectively. Series don't expire.

NEW! For a limited time only- spend Fall semester bronzed! 3 tans a month, 2 month commitment required. Cannot be shared! Auto payment on the first of the month, and you’re first month is pro rated. $150/month