Lash Lifts

Lash lifts are perms for your eyelashes. Sounds crazy but it's the best thing you've never tried yet. Think constantly curled lashes and no need for mascara ( when you add the tint) for about 6 weeks with no maintenance.

Shade & Seeker uses a plant based perming solution with hydrating ingredients. We have a #lashlonggame in mind- we want your lashes to be strong and healthy.

How is your keratin lift different?

Most keratin lash lift treatments are applied at the end of the service, when the hair shaft is closed. Our method requires application during the lifting process while the hair shaft is open and able to better absorb the keratin, resulting in thicker, stronger, hydrated lashes that grow out more evenly. 

Lash Tinting

Tinting provides a semi permanent coloring of the lash. We usually tint the same color as your favorite mascara. It makes the lashes pop and lasts about 4 weeks.